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Child Abuse

One of the hoariest excuses for embarking on some bit of public policy is the claim that it's "for the children". I think this ad is near reprehensible. Who knows if these are actors, or some kids who were highly confused by the homophobes who are running that campaign.

Hiro Otomo

Who's on Stage

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And this is a test to see how it works from the YouTube end of things -- This is one of the most clever reinterpretations of the "Who's On First" bit by Abbott and Costello. It's more plausible as these were the names of actual bands (as opposed to having to believe someone was actually named "I Don't Give a Darn" on a baseball team)

-- Sigh, I guess YouTube won't be making placing LJ cuts easy, I edited the thing to make the video appear behind the cut.