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Huey Freeman

Heritage Update. . .

Remember this revoked license plate from two years ago on this wonderful truck? Well, at the time, the owner argued it was just a huge misunderstanding. The license plate numbers weren’t a coded message declaring his support for white supremacy but messages declaring his support for NASCAR.
“There is absolutely no way I’d have anything to do with Hitler or Nazis,” [Douglas] Story [owner of the truck pictured above] said Wednesday. He contacted The Washington Post after an article about his plate appeared last week; the state, citing privacy rules, had declined to release the identity of the plate's owner. “My sister-in-law and my niece are Jewish. I went to my niece’s bat mitzvah when she turned 13 three years ago. Does that sound like something an anti-Semite would do?”
Well, what has Doug Story done since being forced to replace his wrongfully-deemed-racist license plates? Oh, posting his thoughts on President Obama, law enforcement and cultural tolerance on a few message boards. Oh, and buying some hunting guns, too.
A detention hearing will be held Monday for a self-described racist from Virginia who allegedly made threats against President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder before illegally taking possession of a machine gun.

Douglas Howard Story, 48, of Manassas, Va., was arrested Wednesday by the FBI in a shopping mall parking lot, after taking delivery of a semi-automatic AK-47 assault rifle that he had paid $125 to have converted to fully automatic, officials said.

In a November 2008 comment on Stormfront, where he posted as “Confederado,” Story describing his AK-47 as a potential “homeland defense rifle should I need to protect micelf [sic] and my wife from rioting neeegroes [sic].” The same month, he described the president as “brown-filth mulatto,” and wrote, “Now I’m not advocating violence against him, I’m just saying there are White folks out there that are none to [sic] happy with his ‘election.’

Yeah, yeah, but look? He even says he’s not advocating violence. And anyway, he's not an anti-Semite. He even went to a bat mitzvah. That doesn’t sound like a racist Jewophobe to me!
The FBI opened its weapons investigation last August after learning Story was posting comments on an Aryan Nations Web site and asking about how to convert a semi-automatic assault rifle to a fully automatic machine gun, court documents say. As the investigation unfolded, an FBI informant engaged Story in various conversations on white supremacy websites. According to an affidavit, “The conversations and posts were reported to the case agent and show the propensity for hatred and violence toward African Americans, Jewish Americans, other minorities and a number of political figures.”
But, hey. Have you seen the deer in Virginia? You NEED a semi-automatic weapon to take those suckers down!
The affidavit also quotes Story as having written, “I think there’s one way Obummer would be proven as a mere mortal … if someone puts a 30.06 round into the base of his skill [sic], huh ya think?” In a post referring to the attorney general, Story predicted, “Holder will likely be removed when the administration changes in 2012. Although, personally, I’d prefer removing him from office with a 30.06.”
Another patriot gets sent to jail.

Heritage, Not Hate. . .

...and there was secret racist code in the license plate, too. A Sons of Confederate Veterans plate I might add. And of course CV stands for Confederate Veterans in the code. Ah, hell, I may as well decode the whole thing no one clicks on links. . .


14 = Fourteen Words which are "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." That is the motto of the late David Lane, imprisoned white supremacist.

CV = Confederate Veteran. This veteran who as Gawker noted, must be 172 years old.

88 = HH = Heil Hitler, though he could just be showing support for Barack Obama. As numerous average concerned citizens have argued, Obama is just like Hitler!

Yeah, he's just celebrating his heritage.
Huey Freeman

Confederate History Month

Oh, how I wish I could simply say there's just eleven more days of this nonsense and be done with it, but it's never that simple. Several weeks ago, new Virginia governor Bob McDonnell, at the behest of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, issued a proclamation declaring this month Confederate History Month. The original proclamation romanticized the cause of the South by calling the conflict a war for independence and omitting that the root cause was that the South wanted to maintain the institution of slavery. After a public firestorm, during which he made the unfortunate statement that slavery wasn't a significant issue for Virginia (despite it being the reason Virginia itself broke in two during the Civil War), he backed down and added an apology for slavery to the declaration itself.

Really, there's a lot one can say about this, but one understated irony here is how the party of Lincoln and abolition -- a fact which is brought up frequently when the discussion in politics comes to race -- will today honor the people who launched a war against their country, against Lincoln and those abolitionists. Which brings up the irony of the following, spotted by Gawker.

While condemning an entire religious group because a number of its followers executed an attack on America nine years ago, he is celebrating a group who also executed an attack on America one hundred and forty-nine years ago.

Fifteen years ago today, Timothy McVeigh attacked a federal building in Oklahoma City. Many people died. Today, there will be protests more in support of the militias to which McVeigh swore allegiance to, against this nation. Today, many actual members of the government by election pander to the people who see the United States Federal Government as illegitimate. This is playing with matches around a open powder keg.

Happy 1400th post to me.

Today everyone should be reminded that REPUBLICANS believed Martin Luther King Jr. was a COMMIE

Because today, a number of conservatives will try to pull a misdirection by claiming that Martin Luther King was a Republican. Look at the issues Martin Luther King advocated for in addition to civil rights, and then try to tell me which Republicans today are advocates for the same issues.

It's a curious historical revisionism that is being played out today by some in the right, with the goal to convince blacks that "the real racists" are those of the Democratic Party. To believe this, you have to ignore all history from 1950 to today where the racist Democrats of the South who voted against civil rights legislation eventually switched parties to become racist Republicans, some by way of the Dixiecrat Party. You have to forget the fight in the 1980s by many of those Republicans to stop the creation of a holiday in his honor.

It would be funny if it wasn't so brazenly shameless and sad.

Try Again, York. . .

No, you weren't pointing out differences in support by subgroup. You were implying something was wrong with black people, by which they supported a black president at a higher level than white people. You never even tried to understand why, nor did you care to notice that he has a higher level of support from white people today in polls than he got at the ballot box on November. But what you said was that Barack Obama is not as popular as the polls say because there are numerous black thumbs on the scales. "His sky-high ratings among African-Americans make some of his positions appear a bit more popular overall than they actually are." There is not. A Black person counts today as 5/5th of a citizen. I can just as easily say that Obama's approval ratings and ratings for his policy positions are still artificially low because of his (not) shockingly low support from Republicans. It would be an equally as erroneous look at statistics. I don't see you writing that Bush popularity was overstated because of high approval numbers from evangelicals. But yeah, black support for anything must be questioned, prima-facie.

Try again, York.

Damn them Coloreds and Women. . .

Bryon York complains about pollsters counting the opinions of black people, and how it is making Barack Obama look "popular". Likewise, Peter Thiel complains about women voting us away from the Libertarian Paradise. And they both probably wonder why the entirety of black conservatives begins and ends with Michael Steele, or you're more likely to find a woman at a comic book store than at an Atlas Shrugged reading.

The stupidity is just awesome here....

Honestly, I just ran across this website of Erin the [perhaps] Plumber at complete random. She calls herself "PlungerGirl"; What am I to assume? Anyway, everybody loves plumbers in America today.

She writes the following in celebration of last night's election results:
Now we have a first lady so closely related to the Gorilla species that it’s amazing she’s walking upright.

And then she asks, "WTF does a gorilla have to do with racism?" To follow up on the defense, she then compares Michelle Obama to cannibal, a [fictional] caveman, and a woman with an jaw deformity. And anyway, a bunch of other people on the internet called her a monkey. You can't be racist if the Google links to you!

OK, I guess I may be overly sensitive. Let's ask the Anti-Defamation League what they think.
Racism has existed throughout human history. It may be defined as the hatred of one person by another -- or the belief that another person is less than human -- because of skin color, language, customs, place of birth or any factor that supposedly reveals the basic nature of that person.

Jews are usually seen by anti-Semites as subhuman but also superhuman: devilishly cunning, skilled, and powerful. Blacks and others are seen by racists as merely subhuman, more like beasts than men. If the focus of anti-Semitism is evil, the focus of racism is inferiority -- directed toward those who have sometimes been considered to lack even the ability to be evil (though in the 20th century, especially, victims of racism are often considered morally degraded).

Hmmm, didn't Erin just say that it's amazing that Mrs. Obama can walk upright? That's kinda like describing her more of a "beast" than a human, wouldn't you say?

No, I can't see why anyone would think she was being racist.

Update: Well Erin, look it it this way:
"Today the American people have made their voices heard, and they have said, 'Things are finally as terrible as we're willing to tolerate," said Obama, addressing a crowd of unemployed, uninsured, and debt-ridden supporters. "To elect a black man, in this country, and at this time—these last eight years must have really broken you."

--- The Onion

...and with that, I probably wrote the worse single blog post to congratulate Barack Obama on his victory.

Further Update: Well, she quickly pulled down the post, and posted a snippy diatribe about how it is unfair that she can't make a little joke about how a black person is barely evolved without having people conclude that she was making a comment that black people are barely evolved.

Maybe I should send her a ticket to the Jim Crow Museum in Michigan.

The Y'all Look Alike Chronicles

David Mills, AKA the Undercover Black Man has a regular feature called "Misidentified Black Person". Whenever he finds that someone confuses two black people, no matter how dissimilar they may look, he writes about it. It's a regular enough feature that he can pull up three or four a month. Interestingly enough, there's studies showing that the saying "y'all look alike to me" has truth to it. People have more trouble telling others apart when they are outside their racial group.