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Try Again, York. . .

No, you weren't pointing out differences in support by subgroup. You were implying something was wrong with black people, by which they supported a black president at a higher level than white people. You never even tried to understand why, nor did you care to notice that he has a higher level of support from white people today in polls than he got at the ballot box on November. But what you said was that Barack Obama is not as popular as the polls say because there are numerous black thumbs on the scales. "His sky-high ratings among African-Americans make some of his positions appear a bit more popular overall than they actually are." There is not. A Black person counts today as 5/5th of a citizen. I can just as easily say that Obama's approval ratings and ratings for his policy positions are still artificially low because of his (not) shockingly low support from Republicans. It would be an equally as erroneous look at statistics. I don't see you writing that Bush popularity was overstated because of high approval numbers from evangelicals. But yeah, black support for anything must be questioned, prima-facie.

Try again, York.
Huey Freeman

Zogby Poll on Bush's Iraq Speech...

Well, this would have been interesting to you, the home viewer about 15 hours ago before news broke (will somebody fix it?!).

According to Zogby, Bush hasn't moved a number in support after his speech. Yeah, I actually watched it live, but dammit I couldn't muster anything new to say. Of course if Bush had actually managed to say something I haven't heard from him -- or hell, even acknowledge the difficulties in greater than vague generalities, I might have not wished that the networks had returned to the other type of reruns -- you know of them, the type with the impossible matrimonial coupling of a fat man-child and supermodel wife. And if Bush had said something... not even "mistakes were made", but "I actually have a plan to win this thing before 2017", he might not have 42% of Americans wishing to impeach him. As television savvy as...

What's that, you're asking? Did I just say 42% wanted to impeach him? Where would I get a silly idea like that? Fox News and the red blarghosphere keep telling us that Bush has never been more popular. Well, I'll leave it to the numbersmiths at Zogby to present their findings.
And, in a sign of continuing polarization, more than two-in-five voters (42%) say they would favor impeachment proceedings if it is found the President misled the nation about his reasons for going to war with Iraq.

It's interesting that he concludes this as "continuing polarization" because when Zogby starts to break this down by geographical region the highest concentration of kick the bum outers are Westerners. Maybe California is skewing the numbers with something like a 99-1 split, or perhaps the Libertarians (whom many actually confuse for Republican, simply because these folks have to vote Republican if they harbor the hope of selecting a winning candidate) have been too disillusioned about caving in to the "change the world at gunpoint" crowd and the "snoops and snitches" contingent. Or they see the federal credit card is starting to melt.

However, if your thesis is "continued polarization" there are places in this country and markers that bear this out. The South, still hoping to rise again, is hitching its star to Dubya 60% vs 34.

Though, the funny thing is, if you ask the voter directly, will say that compromise is better than assholity.
The same survey finds that a 55% majority of voters believe the two parties are too focused on their respective bases, and as a result, compromise—and results—have become impossible in Washington. Just 36% in the poll rejected that notion, saying the parties’ organization provides as broad a base as possible, and that compromise is occurring.

A follow-up question found that seven-in-ten (70%) voters believe the parties should be broad-based, and should pursue compromise—while less than one-in-four (23%) favored putting base issues first, even if it means nothing is accomplished.

Of course, Sandy Day chose to quit this yesterday. Who's willing to bet Bush will resist the urge not to pull out the sharp stick to poke in the eye again all those who don't scream the loudest at the RNC concerts?

No takers? I didn't think so.