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National Whatever Month. . .

Did you know this is National Novel Writing Month.

Are you finished yet?

Have you started?

I haven't. I can't write a novel! That's crazy!

Why only "National" novel writing month, anyway? Have other countries decided on a different month?

Did you know this is National Blog Posting Month?

Did you post everyday?

It's quite obvious that I haven't.

Even though I've started posting more frequently this week, it wasn't intentional.

Yes, all of these posts have occurred by accident.

I've let a raccoon run across my keyboard.

That raccoon will probably become a famous reporter for Time Magazine.

Lydia of Long Domain Names. . .

Just yesterday, I was struggling with coming up with a domain name to register. I can understand the frustration inherent in coming up with a name that has not already been taken, but just wow!

It took me several minutes of scanning to just make out the component words of it.



That particular domain is for sale, but I'm not in the market for it. I won't be able to remember it.

Note... they do have a shorter version of the URL registered at LydiaofPurple.com

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