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You don't install Fedora to view multimedia...

I keep forgetting that "free" Linux out of the box will not play most forms of media. Yes, one of the drawbacks of having no exchange of money between me and them occuring is there's no exchange of money from them to the licensors of the various patents for the tech to allow playback of common media. Anyway, I have to keep a link to Stanton Finley who keeps figuring out how to get Fedora Linux to play such things again.

That said, Fedora version 5 is almost beautiful.

(I also play around with Ubuntu, which also has someone making a piece of software to automatically add add-ons.)

Friday's Oddity... Cartoon Network as Manga.

On Friday nights, since the main target demographic for Cartoon Network is allowed to stay up a little later and can hold off on doing homework for a few days, Cartoon Network airs a special branded block of programs called Fridays. However, it doesn't stop older fans from watching, and even doing some things inspired by the cartoons to entertain themselves and others.

A fellow from the Philippines who calls himself Bleedman has decided to reimage the stars of Cartoon Network shows (as well as a few assorted shows from Nickelodeon and other networks) in general manga style. The results are a fan generated webcomic, nominally centered around the Powerpuff Girls. I say nominally because any character from any show from CN is likely to show up.

Unfortunately for me, the images are remarkably large. Two thousand pixels wide. That probably means he has a far better computer/monitor set up than I do. Maybe even one of those $1000 plus Cinema Displays Apple is attempting to sell with their $500 computer. Anyway, there is probably a more reasonably sized version of the panels at either Toonzone or at DeviantArt.