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Virginia, for the sake of our sanity, end off year elections!

At two o'clock this morning, I watched the Virginia gubernatorial debate. Why I stayed up to watch it at two this morning rather than earlier at midnight is my dumbass fault. Why I forgot to check it out live as it happened online at seven o'clock last night is also my dumbass fault. Why I didn't use my not-quite TiVo device from my cable company to record this debate at watch it at a sane time is also my dumbass fault. And right now, I'm watching ABC News tell me that we're probably not prepared for a nuclear attack. The fact that I will not be going to sleep for a while is now my dumbass fault. But that's a post for another day on this weblargh.

Virginia is one of only two states to hold statewide elections on odd-numbered off years. For those of you who don't live here or in New Jersey don't know what type of torture this year. The easist way I can put it is like this: There is never a time in this state where a political campaign is not in progress. There is never a time where there is no one calling you for their support or demonizing the other candidate. There is never a time where operatives aren't speculating about who's running, and what they're running for. There's never a time where fundraising letters don't arrive in my mailbox. (And due to some quirk in the universe, I get them from both parties, and all interest groups. The Brady Campaign and the NRA want my money. I think I should play them both against each other for diamonds and fancy dinners.) There's never a time campaign canvassers, and interest group canvassers aren't trying to scalp my head...um, get my phone number as their prize.

Everybody to the west of Cumberland Gap gets a break every year. We don't! Every fall, as inevitable as the changing of the leaves, the start of school, the return of Congress and their reign of terror on everyone, we get two and a half months of campign ads.

Quite honestly, it has seeped into the natural environment of Virginia. If all of humanity in the state of Virginia were destroyed, squirrels will be placing advertisements on television accusing each other of being too dishonest, too liberal, or too backwards to govern. They'll be touting endorsements from the Winter Nut Society, or the Campaign for Smarter Reforestation.

(Next -- An actual post about the debate. I was disappointed by both candidates. However, Kilgore was more obvious in trying to dance around questions. But he get the biggest boo from me from his mischaractization of death penalty opposition. Unfortunately, Kaine doesn't redeem himself here either. Someone is going to have to defend Illinois' moratorium on the death penalty. It may as well be me.)