Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Who reads this slop? (Please answer with bribes)

What's going on, here? The past two weblogs I mentioned here showed up to leave comments in the comment room! I know that I'm too obscure and unknown to be a destination point to the blarghosphere. This is a mystery.

OK. Let me try something.

Instapundit is a very, very generous guy and would love to help a brother out. Brother, could you spare a dime? Or perhaps an automobile.

I never start my day without reading Eschalon, one of the best sites beginning with the letter 'E'. And being a liberal, he's even more generous than Instapundit

I always end my day by reading Wil Wheaton. I know he's very generous with his money.

And Shadow of the Hegemon is one of the greatest journals to read,and we both like to blind readers with a white on black color scheme. Please help me pay for better prescription glasses.

This man is smart, wise, funny, handsome, and makes fewer mistakes than my local paper. I probably shouldn't expect a donation from him, however.

And I look up to this man! I too aspire to get paid for reading the newspaper and nitpicking on its mistakes. I know you can make it happen!

Max, thanks for defending DC, when no one else would. Please tell me the economy won't suck when I graduate. (right before I retire on Social Security).

TPM, sorry about having the Post steal your name. I'll use part of the Instapundit donation for your legal fund.

Brad, thanks for the intellectual property info. If I get any money out of this, I'll enroll in one of your courses. What school do you teach at again?

Ann, you need a fact checker. I need money. Enough said!

Ben, you obviously hate UCLA. Let me go for you. You can further the conservative cause if you don't have to worry about class! Besides, Bush the Yale grad says college is undignified!

Wait a minute!! If I actually have an honest to goodness audience, I'm going to have to learn to write upscale.

More scholarly stuff, less cheesecake!

I don't think I can handle the responsibility!
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