Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Rabbit, rabbit.

My mom used to say that if I said those two words, first thing as I wake up at the start of the month, good luck would come our way. Actually, meteorologist Topper Shutt said this, but my mom loved him so she started asking me did I do that every first of the month. She would never do anything like that on her own, so I was her proxy to superstition.

Anyway, since it is September, and I made promises to end the message board sabbatical this month. Yep, I can return to being invisible on the Straight Dope, Fathom and various other places where my tilting at windmills won't matter.

September is the psychological start of fall. The weather has cooperated nicely. The temperature is not expected to exceed 70 degrees today. And it is raining, and not a moment too soon. Drought restrictions have been put into place throughout much of Virginia and Maryland (though not the immediate Washington DC area).

School can't start too soon for some people. This was on a flyer in my complex about their 'community day':
Between 12:00p.m. through 4:00p.m. we will have a moon bounce, dunk tank, ponnies, snow cones and spinart.

And as we say farewell to summer, I shall give a gift to the ladies (courtesy of the fine folks at DCRTV.

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