Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

That Old Time Racialist Science!

In thinking about our friends in Gene Expressions were doing, I came across two articles that are tangentially related to race and genetics and achievement: One in the New York Times about the newfound attraction to those of mixed Asian/Western descent, and one in The Washington Post about SAT scores for blacks falling once again in Montgomery County, MD.

OK, one of the few things that I consider as a crusade by me is improving the educational system, particularly in the inner cities where minorities are poorly served by bad schools, where in many cases teacher, student, and parent have given up on giving (or receiving in the case of the student) a good education. Now, Montgomery County isn't what you'd consider the inner city. They have some of the world's best schools, and the county is pretty wealthy, so they can afford to pour money into the schools for the latest and greatest things. So the news that minorities in that school system are struggling seems to underscore a point, this is a more complicated problem than lack or money or lack of supplies.

Or is it?

Apparently not, according to our friends at Gene Expressions. They've studied the data points, ran the mathematics, listened to the relevant authorities, sorted through the evidence, and even read a book or two!

And their verdict?

Blacks and minorities just have lower mental capacities.

It seemed so obvious, didn't it.

Forget all those studies that says that poverty or the culture, or the constant reinforcement by BET or pop culture that being smart or studying hard is equivalent to acting white, being a sell-out, acting as an Oreo. It isn't the hundreds of years or abuse and racism that didn't really start to abate until 40 years, or two generations ago. It's not even that the blacks and minorities come from poverty, or even that their main measure or gauging the intelligence of people, the IQ test, was seriously flawed, or that Charles Murray did his best to rig the results in the above mentioned Bell Curve.

This is the type of thing that makes me wish that I took genetics or sociology previously. But it's heartening to see a debate break out here in response to that blargh!
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