Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

That Ain't Right!

Well, today I received an email from someone requesting help with Movable Type and the setup of their weblog, or 'blargh' for mockery. Apparently, I'm the big man on campus of webloggers on Which is actually sad, because the 'blargh' has about 5 posts and hasn't been updated since close to the Truman Administration. See, I keep vowing to myself to actually type content for that page, but then someone throws shiny trinkets over my way and I promptly forget any promises to update the page, or upgrade the software, or move the thing to a more reliable and financially stable host. (I got the last monthly update email in March about how financially troubled they were, and well apparently they can't afford to issue another monthly email newsletter.)

Anyway, I bet I know what he's having trouble with.SP runs all CGI programs on a separate server, whereas MT assumes that it will be on the same server as the static files, but in a separate subdirectory. That took me weeks of asking volunteers (no tech support) to help and sorting through conflicting info to get that page working.

Anyway when I get home, I need to get to figure out what I did to get my site working. And after that, I'll probably make a post to this journal about something better suited to the 'blargh'. It involves a set of 'blarghers' who are set out to show that race and intellect are irrevocably link to each other via our genes. Yes, America, eugenics-pushers are alive and well (and updating on a daily basis)! Stay tuned!
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