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It's just petty.

From news reports this morning (and by that, I mean the morning news on TV), Washington DC's bid was rejected because of Congressional investigations into the bribery scandal with the Salt Lake games, for fear that the IOC president would still be harboring ill will to Washington. If this is true, that would be unbelievably unfortunate. It would be unbelievable petty act if the IOC scuttled a bid because they were subjected to tough questioning.

And secondly, in a point I shouldn't have to make, you can not conflate the actions of the federal government with that of the city government. If you believe the federal government is corrupt, that does not mean that the city council is equally as corrupt. And vice-versa. If you think the district government is disorganized, it isn't the fault of the feds. Yes, Congress likes to lord over the city in showboaty ways, but except for the representatives from nearby congressional districts in Maryland and Virginia, Congress really shows no interest in DCs well being. (Another reason why DC keeps on fighting for statehood. Congress has always been uninterested in DC's well being, and they question whether Annapolis would be any more interested in making sure the city runs on time)

Actually I'm pretty proud of how much DC got its act together over the past four years. It's no worse than most other major cities in providing service. Horror of horrors, we now have people clamoring to move back into the city.

And of course, Washington DC has less control over Congress than California, Texas, New York, or even Virginia and Maryland. Respectively these states send 54, 32, 33, 12, and 13 people to congress to represent its interests. DC sends Ellie Norton who gets not a vote there. If you're afraid that Congress poisoned DC in the minds of the IOC, then Congress likely poisoned will to the other American cities, too. (Congress can have this affect on their opinions, but not the actual bribery scandal itself. Wow!) You may just pack it up now and help Canada snag the 2012 games.

Peace out!

We felt Washington made an outstanding candidate. . . . On the other hand, it does take that anti-American [sentiment]. [Congress] brought Mr. Samaranch in and grilled him quite a bit. You could say some of that lingers. . . . Washington did all the right things . . . but you have to look at both sides of that coin with how we perceive the IOC.

—Charles H. Moore, chairman USOC. Read article here.

Second Addendum
The IOC doesn't pick the host city for the games until September 2005!
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