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This point has to be made!

Bob Somerby is an important national treasure. Well, he is someone who should be read with the morning paper!
Lying Journalisr
HATE THE TEACHERS WELL: When CARLSON suits up for the Washington Generals, others are free to say what they please. Consider Ellen Sorokin’s consummate clowning on page one of this Monday’s WashTimes. “NEA delivers history lesson,” the headline said. “Tells teachers not to cast 9/11 blame.” Here was the opening paragraph.

SOROKIN: The National Education Association is suggesting to teachers that they be careful on the first anniversary of the September 11 attacks not to “suggest any group is responsible” for the terrorist hijackings that killed more than 3,000 people.

Really? Teachers shouldn’t “suggest any group is responsible” for September 11? Sounds strange, but what did that clipped statement mean? Did it mean that Al Quaeda wasn’t responsible for September 11? That would be a very strange thought. Or did it mean that Muslims as a group weren’t responsible? That, of course, would be perfectly accurate. Sorokin showed no sign of knowing what the NEA said or meant; her article was marked by the truncated “quotes” which tell us that spin is in progress. But no matter. The nation’s screamers took to the airwaves, teaching Americans to hate teachers well.
By Monday evening, the NEA website had been posted, but Mike Barnicle showed no sign of having reviewed it. On Hardball, he simply read the truncated “quotes” from the Times, then began to state the dimwitted points his paymasters want him reciting:

BARNICLE: What’s the NEA thinking about, talking about September 11 in this manner? Are they nuts?…What moral relativism can we draw from September 11? They seem to be trying to do that. We have to think of what was in the minds of these hijackers. Let’s figure out what was on their minds. We know what was on their minds! They wanted to kill us!

If an engineer mocked facts the way Barnicle does, he’d be fired in a Chris Matthews minute. But in today’s press corps, this PlaySkool punditry is quite routine. Ka-ching! Can you hear Mike’s fat paycheck passing?
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