Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Probable Hero

This was going to be a 'bleat' on how I should not take the 12:30 bus from here to Annandale to connect to school or Landmark, since it is always late (today 15 minutes so.) However, I'll have to commend that driver today.

Just as he was picking me up on the return trip (my butt wasn't in the mood for paperwork or hour-long waits at the stop, today) , he noticed — well, we all noticed a green minivan moving erratically. It was backing up in a weird manner, and eventually drove off the service road and onto the median, before it was stopped by an older Asian woman. She was frantic. The man in the drivers seat of the van was slumped over and unconscious. While the passengers were trying to figure out what to do, as I was fumbling to find my cell phone, our driver was already on the phone with 911 describing what happened and where we all were. And he waited around to comfort the Asian lady (wife perhaps) before the ambulance arrived. This bus driver is a hero. So I can forgive him for being late on the way down to Annandale.
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