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We'll be missing you.

Cynthia McKinny and Bob Barr -- finally going home!Good things do happen in the body politic. These two Georgia comedians won't be returning to Washington for an encore presentation. I'm especially happy to see Barr, the man who forced the region to spend $400,000 in renaming a subway stop for Reagan when the subway desperately needs the money for trains. Of course, his other obsession was Clinton. He was after impeachment, even before Lewinsky. And he played at such reputable clubs like the Council of Conservative Citizens, the place where old Klansmen go to retire.

Don't let the door hit you where the sun don't shine!


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Aug. 21st, 2002 07:32 pm (UTC)
What did the other one do?
Aug. 21st, 2002 08:04 pm (UTC)
She was a CongressIdiot from the other side of the aisle.

The cool thing is that physicists theorize that these two would annihilate each other in a burst of pure energy if they ever met outside of a Georgia Caucus meeting.

So their defeats mean that the universe is safe, for at least a little while.
Aug. 22nd, 2002 03:02 am (UTC)
I know she was a CongressIdiot, that was implied in the post. I was referring to specific actions she did.
Aug. 22nd, 2002 08:46 am (UTC)
She's one of these people who sees everything in the world as evidence of some massive conspiracy that only she can divine.

Also, she pals around with bad, bad people like Mugabe (she referred to Zimbabwe as "a stable democracy"). She has also allowed her previously forward-looking and brave pro-Arab position to slop into pro-terrorism, as she took money from organizations which also have aided Hamas.
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