Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Wow! I should stop taking naps. What was supposed to be a one hour rest ended up being 4 hours of deep slumber.

It's amazing how a few hours can make or ruin a day.

Case in point — yesterday.

Up until around 3 o'clock, the day was destined to be rather mundane. Then I lost my credit card, and everything else took its cue from that.

OK. I was out at the computer store to purchase a mini-vacuum to clean out my desktop computer "Old Bessie." She had been giving me all manner of errors, but the worse were occurring during hot days — which as of last week was every day. So I opened her up to investigate. And choke!! *cough* She had accumulated enough dust inside of her to kill someone with asthma. You could actually grab the dust with your hands!

So I was at the computer store at Pentagon City for compressed air and a vacuum. I was also looking, longingly, at the various other things there. Things that I couldn't afford. Like new laptops, DVD-RW burners, larger computer drives, and stuff like that. I just wander around, wishing and wanting.

Well, comes time to actually purchase the items I need and leave the store, and here we begin our story. I choose to pay with credit card. The cashier asks for ID. I fumble around to get both. In my wallet, the credit card and my drivers license are not the only cards in there, by far. In there, there is also a AMC Moviewatcher card (a rewards program for movie-goers), a book-discount card for Barnes and Noble (expired), two grocery discount cards, a Blockbuster Video card, my student ID, library card for Fairfax, VA, library card for Christian County, KY, my bank card, and the emergency plastic key to the car encased in a plastic card. So I was flipping around to find the two cards. I managed to pay for the items and I place the cards back, into my wallet. Or at least the license, that I do remember placing into my wallet. For as soon as a step outside the store, I wonder "Did I get my credit card?" Right there, off to an isolated corner of the passageway, I get my wallet out and take inventory. License, check. Bank card, check. Student ID, check. Emergency car keys, check. (OK the importants are still there). AMC card, check. Book card, yep expired. Grocery card G, check. Grocery card S, check. Blockbuster card, check. Library cards, check. Gift certificate card — I had forgotten about that one! Credit card, um... where the hell is my credit card??!!!

I turn back around, go into the store and ask for the cashier. I ask him. He says that he gave it back to me. I told him that I didn't have it and ask him to look in his little station. I start tracing my steps from the cashier to the door, scouring the floor for this small grey thing. Of course the carpet was also grey. I also search every pocket on myself, the shopping bag, and behind several displays. Well, no no no no and no! This means that I now have to hurry home and call the issuing bank to close the account.

This is where I tell you that I rode the bus in to the Pentagon. This is also where I tell you bus service on Saturday on this route leaves much to be desired. And just to compound the misery, while I was doing the compustore search, I just miss the previous bus to get home.

OK, next bus comes in 45 minutes. I can handle that, I guess.
Only, it doesn't. Buses that go down half of the route come and go every 15 minutes. But the bus that goes past my house fails to show up. It is too hot to even think of walking the remainder of the route home. 90 minutes pass, without my bus showing up. Of course, by now I'm crazy. A monster line is forming here at the Metrorail station for people who aren't lucky enough to live along the route with quality service. Finally, at 105 minutes after I miss the first bus, does a bus come that can take me home. Which is a 40 minute ride, thanks to the traffic and the crowding.

Total time elapsed from lost card to home — 2 hours, 25 minutes.
Distance traveled. 6 miles!

But at least I'm no longer sick.
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