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Well, it may be of little interest of my 7 regular readers, but tonight I decided to leave my mark on blargharrea (the blogospere as they call it). Basically the big story over on the politicablarghs (besides how moral and just a preemptive strike on Iraq is or that Islam is just evil) is how Washington DC doesn't deserve statehood, or even political representation, simply because the mayor screwed up his primary campaign in a forged signature scandal. The disturbing thing is that a law professor is advancing this argument. (Gee, if mucking up an election is excuse enough to deny representation in the legislature, why not revoke the privilege from a certain state that seems to have trouble in this arena?) Or the even dumber idea to turn the diamond into an "off-shore tax-haven". (Yeah, I know it's tongue-in-cheek. DC gets a solution that pleases no one, except maybe the robber-barons who pumped up their wealth at the expense of their companies and the economy.) Anyway, I hold my tongue on that particular issue until I can think get the big picture in my head. But self-promotion never stops on this page. When I saw a start of a discussion of Puerto Rico appear at economist Max Sawicky's website, well I had to point their attention to when karlgrenzeKarl Girl and I played pretend-pundit on this.

In other news, Gendo alerts me to a slavery-reparations rally that occurred in town today that I didn't know about. He didn't like what he saw, though he does struggle to see why someone would think reparations would seem to be a good idea. I do make some comments, though they are far from being as lucid as I'd like them to be.
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