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Slacker Weekend.

Instead of attempting to forming anything resembling a thought, or expending energy to find news to comment on, I'll just steal the next two things from shadesong's page.

Last movie you rented: Ocean's Eleven on DVD (to test the 'new' laptop)

last movie you saw in theater: Minority Report

last theatrical performance attended: Les Miserables, back on a HS music trip to New York.

last meal you cooked: Hamburger & Mashed Potatoe, thursday

On your profile page (full view), how many comments have you made: 297.

How many comments received: 302

What does that tell you: I recieve roughly one comment per entry. That my readership of 7 is pretty quiet.

Do you have more than one current LiveJournal account (not counting communities you own): Yes.

If yes, do you tell friends of one journal about the others: Nope.

Why not: I need a secret identity.

Favorite Disney movie (animated or live action):Pure Disney -- The Lion King and Aladdin.

Favorite holiday cartoon:A Charlie Brown Christman. It hits the right note of depressiveness for the season, plus the wonderful music by Vince Guaraldi.

name (real or internet): Too many to list. My favorite is "WestSide"

Age (round to nearest "5" if you like):21

Any tattoos: Nope.

Shoe size: 9. I guess. I haven't bought shoes in years. I'm not sure I even remember how.

Last CD you listened to: Bigger and Blacker by Chris Rock. (I love the "No Sex in the Champaign Room" track)

Which is worse--Being in love with someone who doesn't love you back OR having someone you don't love be in love with you: The first one. It's the story of my life.

Which is worse--pelvic exam or rectal exam: I have never experienced either one, and I hope I will never have to.

Potato chips or pretzels: Sour cream and onion potato chips.

Extroverted or introverted: Introverted, but good at acting extroverted when I have to.

Righty or lefty: Righty.

Conservative or Liberal: Moderate Liberal

What do you look like: Not as wild of hair as Huey above.

What do you think I (the lj user you got this from) look like: Judging from the icon, she must be hot. Long dark hair and glasses, she's a dream.

Are you generally satisfied with you LJ experience: On and off, but much better than dealing with Spaceports and my orphaned "blargh".

Do you think you spend too much time online: Yeah, but I'm trying to cut back.

Do OTHERS think you spend too much time online: No one has cared to pull an intervention, so I doubt it.

What would you rather be doing with your online time: I really don't know...

(And I may as well use a feature that I paid for.)
Next up, ask me anything. I'll answer. (Just as long as legal doesn't find out.) Offer only valid this weekend, so hurry!
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Go ahead...Ask me anything. I'll answer.