Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Wow, this is interesting.

Ever since I added Shadesong to my friend's list, I have stepped into the surreal, yet tasty underbelly of the LiveJournal community. I've been looking at my "Friends2" list for interesting comments. Thanks to 'song, I think I now broke two hundred guest stars on that list. One of the more interesting ones are those who go by the God_dot_com scheme of naming their journals. Apparently they're all part of the Pantheon, where the various gods and worshippers do god type things. The listing is of mostly of the Greek/Roman deities, but gods from foreign lands also post there.

Though the fair goddess Gaia (or Gaea) seems to be MIA. Maybe some earth-worshipper can alert her to this.

UPDATE: I'll keep this short. LJ is being tempermental again! I found Gaia. She seems shy. Now LJ, post this damn entry!
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