Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Power returns at T+438

At 2:35am, the other shoe drops and the rest of the apartment, as well as the complex is thrown into darkness. This is likely because of Dominion VA Power began to do work to get everything restored. As I was still on laptop, the only thing that happened was that I lost my network connection, once again. Since I couldn't sleep, I decided to take a drive around the county, to see what was up. As this is the only time of day where the Beltway and I-66 are uncongested. For a storm that knocked power out over here, there was very little damage done to the rest of the county. No trees down, as far as I could tell. No place else between Fairfax and Annandale where power was out. It was just remarkable how completely isolated our outage was. Knocking out just half of an apartment complex is an amazing feat.

As I return home at about 4am, I find that the power has returned. As the clocks were flashing 12:40 I could ascertain that power returned at 3:20am. At which point I disconnect my makeshift electrical line from the back of the house and return all cords to their original appliances. Though I need a new extension cord, as I notice that the plug head has cracked

I shall now try to go to sleep.
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