Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

T+375 minutes

Oh the fun I could have as a journalist!
Washington Times White House correspondent Joseph Curl, who irked colleagues with a controversial pool report three months ago, has ruffled feathers again. Back in May, relative newcomer Curl noted the "fully naked female displaying her full nudity (in a frontal manner)" during an R-rated movie shown to the press and Secret Service aboard Air Force One. The film, "Not Another Teen Movie," was immediately removed from the Air Force One collection amid bitter recriminations.

This time, Curl's "Austin Powers" joke in his Aug. 6 pool report has prompted a not-so-subtle reprimand from White House Correspondents Association President Bob Deans. Curl's joke: " President Bush dropped back to the Press Pod aboard AF1 to say he would commence bombing of Iraq unless Saddam Hussein paid the United States ... one millllion dollars. Not."
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