Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Well, I don't have to kick myself anymore...

Demo's laptop sold for $1276. It looks to be a good price for a machine of those specs, but I wouldn't have been able to afford it. Which is how I like it!

Now, had it sold at the opening bid price of $710, I would be forever banging my head on my desk. For I had already spent around $800 for a older model machine, a month earlier!

Not that I don't like this machine! It leagues beyond my desktop system --"Old Bessie" and is newer and nicer than the HP Pavilion laptop that was unfortunately electricuted back in April.

This is a Compaq Presario XL1200, with a 766MHz Intel Celeron chip inside, 128MB of RAM and 5 GBs of diskspace (4 GB usable -- 1 GB partitioned off for system backup.).

The OS is Windows ME, which goes to show you that it's not perfect, but good enough. The only other annoyance is the Microsoft Word icon on the desktop. The program doesn't exist on this machine (It has MS Works 2000, which I'll replace with WordPerfect or Sun's free OpenOffice), but the icon sits there mocking me! If I double click on the icon, it asks for a disc that doesn't exist.I don't know if I should blame Microsoft or Compaq, though I should probably blame the exhibiters who just gave me a "System Restore" disc and nothing else.

Back to the specs, it has a DVD-Rom drive, though I wish I had opted for a Read-Write drive. Maybe if I ever get money enough to upgrade "Old Bessie". I don't know how big exactly the screen is -- I know it's slightly bigger than the HP before it.

Now, what am I going to do with the dead laptop? I honestly don't know. When it was electrically fried, the motherboard was damaged, which makes repair prohibitably expensive. I don't want to throw it away because everything else is working just fine on the machine. (I know. I spent the $40 to find out). Most of the repair shops I tried said know when I offered it to them for salvage. My den of last resort is an Florida outfit called Recycled PC Parts which may take it off my hands. I hope to get a little money from the pieces -- $150, maybe $200. That's not exhorbitant, is it?

If this doesn't pan out, I may have to get creative on squeezing blood from the turnip.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention one somewhat minor problem I have with the laptop — there's nothing to secure the battery inside the system. The battery compartment has no door to it, so I have to be careful s to how I handle the system. Minor problem really, but if the battery becomes dislodged — CLICK — the laptop shuts down.
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