Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Ann Coulter: Corrections

That's a book that I wish to see in bookstores someday. Well, it may actually happen. Apparently, Crown Books are curious about the charge that the New York Times didn't acknowledge Dale Earnhardt's death until two days after his death. She would be referring to this article by Rick Bragg, which of course she slanders royally, but even worse is that she somehow missed these NY Times articles (which appear to have been published two days before the Bragg article — The short obit on page D3, and the feature article that was printed on the FRONT PAGE that day. — the very two days which she claimed that the Old Grey Lady ignored ol' Dale. Now, if she just overlooked the article, I'd have to question her research methods. As a columnist, I'd assume she'd have access to the Nexis database. Now, that I managed to find a bunch of Earnhardt articles, from my laptop at home without the aid of Nexis, but rather just Google and the NY Times pay-per archives, it makes you question what she did learn at that fancy journalism school at Cornell.

Of course, it might be that she learned the oldest trick of the college student — load up your paper with footnote, no matter if they don't support your argument. Because elsewhere in her book, she gets dubious use of footnotes. She actually used a movie review of Muppets take Manhattan as proof that conservatives are treated badly in the press. In fact, Coulter's defense of the book is summarized as "but I have almost 800 footnotes"! If Crown decides to examine every footnote in Slander, I'm sure they'll have another bestseller on their hands — Ann Coulter: Corrections!

Now that's a book I'll pay $29.95 for.
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