Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

The Last Remaining Reason for Broadband Bites the Dust.

Actually, no. It just went premium. Back on Wednesday, ABC fenced off all the video news feeds That means no more nightly World News Now from my desktop. And worse yet, they don't archive those feeds for anyone, paying or otherwise. It seems now that they now want to actually turn a profit, instead of waiting for the internet elves to bless them with instant wealth.

It seems that the world was so much happier when we deluded ourselves that there was such a thing as a free lunch! People got paid just for surfing the net, crackheads could get work as system administrators, instant riches were right there for the taking with just a launch of, and chat rooms and message boards were filled with beautiful women, as far as the eye could see!

Now we find that to make money, you actually need a plan, preferedly with some type of product or service with an actual price. You can't make money on the internet without giving something in return, and in many cases it was your identity. People now look skeptically at anything and everything with "com" in its name, including WorldCom, community college, and even the commerce clause in the US Constitution. And we find that those women in the chatrooms were all 40 year old men -- either FBI agents or pedophiles!

The world didn't go to hell until people started actually looking at the balance sheets and saw that those riches were preceded by a dash, printed in red ink, with the words "FINAL NOTICE" emphasized! Now we're all living in a penniless, expensive, pop-up blighted future, with no end in sight.

Come on you folks! It's not too late! You can still delude yourselves! James K. Glassman still believes that the Dow will hit 36,000 soon! (Not as soon as they said earlier, but just ignore that!) Just close your eyes and think happy thoughts and the Dow will fly again! And then we will return to that nirvana of net utopia that existed for 10 days in 1999!

Come on! Party like it's 1999. Broke WNNers needs you to!
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