Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Bush is looking out for our boys in uniform..., no!

Lookie at what Josh Marshall found...
[Marshall] "In the memo (just added to TPM Document Collection), Miller notes the growing demand for VA healthcare services. But "against this backdrop," she notes, "is very conservative OMB budget guidance for 2004." In plain English that means we need more money to service all the vets who are applying for VA healthcare services, but Mitch Daniels and the White House says we can't have it.

The answer?

Get more resources to serve the deserving vets?

Bite the bullet and say the budget requires cuts in VA health benefits?

No, no, no. Just order local officials to stop all efforts to tell vets what services they're entitled to. What could be easier?

Yes, vets, Help is on the way!
Boston Globe news story.
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