Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

I bet KG was like this as a kid.

I bet karlgrenze would like this story, because I believe she isn't human. Actually, I find Roald Dahl quite cool.

I once went to visit Roald Dahl at his home in the English countryside. . .What I recall was lunch. Several Dahls gathered, and a plate of ham cold cuts arrived at the table. Dahl said something about how closely the cold cuts resembled human flesh, and how he once thought of writing a story about children who are served cold cuts from the corpse of a missing friend. I expected someone at the table to complain but instead his daughter giggled and told a story about how she had witnessed, first hand, a butcher slice off his palm while running a shank of ham over a meat slicer. She went on to describe, to the delight of the entire family, how the slice of butcher's flesh fit perfectly on top of the stack of ham. Exactly like the ham we were about to eat! Sixty seconds into the meal the Dahls were vying to out-gross each other with tales of severed limbs and pulsing pink flesh, while happily munching ham sandwiches. With the possible exception of Mrs. Dahl, the entire family had preserved into adulthood a childlike delight in the grotesque.

This kid will become KG when she grows up...for she's evil, too! BWAHAHAHHAHAHA!
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