Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Some things could only happen in Florida.

If you look at my posts from Florida, you may have noticed that I attribute the insanity and the looniness there to something organic about the state, as opposed to just crazy people or crazy things that happens in Florida. In most of the cases, the set of events play out like it would be impossible to occur anywhere else. Much like there are stories that sound as though 'Only in Texas' or 'Only in Nevada'.

For example, Mark Evanier, a comedy writer to whom I direct all my television and most of my animation industry questions, found this item on the internet about how a blind psychic feels up butts to tell someone's future. As it was reported by an Orlando television station, he assumed it happened there. And why not? This is a state that actually issued this license plate to somebody. It would almost fit of the psychic's car had that license plate. (Even though he is blind.) Regrettably, I had to inform him that the psychic is in Germany. Of course we all understand how he could made such a mistake. I almost did likewise with the story.

Anyway, here's a real story out of Florida. Apparently the gods of the state are doing the best to top their performance in wrecking the 2000 election for the 2002 cycle. Yes, Katherine Harris, Janet Reno, and of course Jeb Bush were pulled within the orbit of this disaster, which also involved a plane crash.

This quote sums it all up.
``My wife told me I put the `evil eye' on the plane because the night before I'd said the only thing that could wrong now is if the plane crashed,'' Steinberg said Friday afternoon. ``When I called [the carrier] to see if it had made it, they told me the plane crashed. "

Only in Florida!
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