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This will give you an idea of how much contempt the front office of the apartment complex tend to treat us with. They decided to have the parking lot of the apartment complex repaved. In preparation of this, they decided to print out notices and place them on the door to all apartments in the complex.

Nothing wrong with this, right?

Well, they passed the flyers out on Monday afternoon. They began paving this Tuesday morning.

That's right. Less than one day's notice did they give us to alert us that 1/3 of the parking lot would be closed from now to Thursday.

A parking lot that is already overcrowded, where competition for a space is fierce.
One day's notice to absolutely complicate the lives of hundreds of people, who all of a sudden had to figure out how or where they are going to park once they get home. Included in this list is one Sterling family with just one Sterling car, for on 3 out of 4 nights Father Sterling or SterlingNorth arrives home with the car, he must park blocks away from SterlingManor -- in front of the rental office. This -- remember -- is on days where all spaces are available. With 1/3 of them gone, nobody is going to be happy.

But OK, they were dated July 21st. That means that they were planning to give us at most two days notice for this. Who else believes two days notice is sufficient time for anyone involved. But it is standard operating procedure for the folks at the management offices here.

They live in their own magical world.