Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

He's four years younger than I am, and he has a syndicated column!

I guess I don't give myself enough credit. If this kid, Ben Shapiro, can succeed in UCLA, I guess I should have tried applying there, or to Stanford or Harvard. Though I may be disadvantaged by my inability to play the violin, I think I can write better than he. Plus, in the case of UCLA, I don't hate the school as he obviously does.

Anyway, my favorite column is the one where he airs his disagreement with NAACP leader Julian Bond. A passage reads, "After finishing his piddling attempts at reason, Bond resorted to name-calling." This follows lines such as
The venomous chairman of the NAACP, Julian Bond, was typical of the conference, lambasting the Bush administration, corporations, black conservatives and white males across America...

Bond remarked: "The world doesn't need more weapons and walls; it needs less intolerance, ignorance and disease." Great idea. We'll put down our arms and sing "Feelings" while they fly planes into our buildings...
The entire column is name calling and strawmen, without anything that could be called support. OK, I should know not to expect good argument and accuracy from newspaper columnists, but aren't there any minimum standards? Is Creators Syndicate so hard up for writers that they'll accept schlock like this? From a wet-behind-the-ears kid? If he posted that column here, he'd be laughed off the place. There must be someone more deserving of that sydication contract.

Maybe I should submit a column to them, but it'd probably wind up as an exercise at tilting at windmills.
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