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Did you know that the Feds can sue a rock?

The case is known as United States of America Moon Rockvs. One Lucite Ball Containing Lunar Material. I'll give you just one guess as to which state where this case is occuring. Now, for some happy-fun quotes from the article:
In this kind of case, legal procedure calls for suing the property in question -- not Rosen. That's why the lawsuit makes it sound like Uncle Sam is suing a rock. In theory, the judge's decision will bind the world at large, not just Rosen. This arrangement makes for some strange reading in the court file, though. At one point, lawyers discuss a warrant for the rock's arrest.

Careful. The rock may be armed and dangerous! See? Law can be fun!


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Jul. 16th, 2002 09:31 am (UTC)
heh. I love cases like that. We had to read a few along the way in law school, with names like U.S. v. Fifty Thousand Dollars in Bills of Various Denominations and crazy stuff like that.
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