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When I started posting dispaches from Florida, which was shortly after the NY Times Magazine piece (linked below) was published, I was actually afraid that I'd run out of material, and I would have to return to posting stuff about myself on this journal. And we all know that we don't want to resort to those dark, dark days.

Actually I'm amazed that this gag continued for this long. This was onl supposed to be a joke that ran for a month, tops. Why I haven't gotten bored by this, like other activities, is a mystery to me. But then again, you don't seem to ever see stories about people driven mad enough to strip, or about shark fishermen capsizing in infested waters because they had too many sharks on board from places such as Delaware or North Carolina. The only way the East Cost can compete is the creepy Snakehead fish that are terrorizing Maryland ponds because the man who bought them didn't want to care for them, or eat them anymore.

Now this obsession has become the de-facto subject of this site, crowding out other things that is of interest to me. Hell, I'd even consider taking up a job at The Washington Post, just so I could get those Reuters and AP feeds in real time. I was even considering using my "Blogger " account and opening a BlogSpot website called The Florida Chronicles. Unfortunately, it seems that right now Blogger is experience what one can call growing pains.

This problem would easily be solved if Florida stopped being so crazy, but that's not likely going to happen. I think it is its proximity to the Bemuda Triangle. I'm sure scientists and philosophers are hashing this out even as we speak.