Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Florida Treasure

Yes, to some people, Florida is a punchline to a particularly bad joke. Of course, when the state goes out of its way to demonstrate that Saturday Night Live is a modern day oracle, well don't expect the state to not be noticed by those same oracles.
But not everything in Florida is a comedy in errors. Sometimes, occasionally an uplifting story comes from the state. Of course, since this is Florida, this uplifting story has to be built on the backs of someone doing something stupid.

A young couple found $80,000 in the ocean while fishing off the Florida Keys. George Rogers of US Customs believes that the money is dirty -- drug money or alien smuggling money. Which is why he doesn't believe anyone will come to claim it. If he is correct and no one claims it in 3 months, the couple gets to keep it all.

I see oppourtunities in this for the state. They could run a tourist scavenger hunt where a few lucky tourists can find bags of cash!
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