Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Here's some bemused irony for you...

...and it even comes from Florida! Michael Italie was fired from his job at Goodwill Industries because he is a communist. Legally, it is perfectly within Goodwill's rights to fire someone for his political beliefs, because it is a private corporation and they can fire you over political speech, whether or not it has any bearing over what you do at your job.
However, the United States government can not fire you for that reason -- it would be a violation of First Amendment protections of speech.
The irony here is noted by Timothy Noah...
One can make (and many have made) the case that people like Michael Italie shouldn't be permitted to hold jobs in government, where at least in theory they have the power to subvert the U.S. system. Yet it is in government where Italie would be protected. In the private sector, where Italie is entirely harmless, he enjoys no protection at all.

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