Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Random thoughts.

On second thought, I decided to break this post into two. The quiz should have its own post.

First up -- How high must a fashion design student be to produce this? (from vebelfetzer)

Amid Amidi* is enjoying the beating that Simon Wells is getting over his film adaptation of his great-grandfather's novel The Time Machine. His prior record was that as director of mediocre animated movies. Actually, that's his only record! I want to see this movie tomorrow (Monday), just to report on how good or bad it is! Amid also notes the hot water Ted Rall has gotten himself into over a cartoon he drew.
* Look for the post dated March 10th

People have been pushing me to learn Spanish for ages now. This is probably as good a reason as any. At least it would give me an alternative to this.

Chris Rock is the latest target for speculation for backup host for whatever network David Letterman snubs. So says David Biaculli and Mark Evanier. However, Evanier warns ABC to learn from their late-night history.

Computer Surplus Outlet is selling computers real cheap. It's too bad that I have no money. An example -- For sale, a Intel 733MHz 48x CD 20GB 64MB Mini-Tower System $289.00. Damn!

4:00am -- Why am I still awake?

As I type this, I'm reading about yet more attacks in the everlasting Israeli-Palestinian conflaguation. It just saps the spirit from my soul, these tit-for-tat attacks going on every single day, with no end in sight.

Over at DCRTV's Mailbag, people are complaining about the horrors of the new RealPlayer (called RealOne). I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this. The program resets all for your file association settings, sends your listening info to their demographics, tries to connect continuously to their servers, feeds you various pop up ads, and generally behaves itself poorly. All of this nonsense has managed to crash my PC multiple times!

I can't find an advocacy article that I read yesterday (that's what I get for using multiple computers and multiple browsers). It urged Apple to port the OS X to the PC platform so that Microsoft could actually have to compete. Not that it's likely to happen. It's too brilliant of an idea.

Movable Type is about to introduce an upgrade to their web journaling software. Which raises this question: Why haven't I updated this site in over a month? I was going to write a Chuck Jones tribute, but it seems too late now.

Good night, all. I have to wake up in about an hour. It's 4:30am, now!
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