Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

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Yes, I am cursed

You know, I've been lamenting my bad luck as of late, but I honestly think I may be cursed. I had a lenghty post about the science and politics surrounding global warming, and the reaction to the EPA report by the largely conservative, libertarian Bloggerhea. I spent what was likely an hour on it, with at least a dozen of windows open for research, links, data and opinion. I even tried to make sure words were spelled correctly, and the grammar was presentable. All and all, I was trying to make a post that I was proud of.

The power flips off and on!  I lose the entire damn thing! Plus I need to make sure that my computer isn't suffering any ill after-effects. I wish I wrote this in a word processor which would automatically save stuff every few minutes, but no, I write it using the webpage.

Months like this, I wish I never have to get out of bed!
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