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"sol·emn adj \ˈsä-ləm\ Definition of SOLEMN 1 : marked by the invocation of a religious sanction <a solemn oath> 2 : marked by the observance of established form or ceremony; specifically : celebrated with full liturgical ceremony 3 a : awe-inspiring : sublime <solemn beauty> b : marked by grave sedateness and earnest sobriety <a solemn gathering> c : somber, gloomy <a solemn gray building> — sol·emn·ly adverb — sol·emn·ness noun Examples of SOLEMN 1. He spoke in a solemn and thoughtful manner. 2. He wore a very solemn expression on his face. 3. He recited the poem in a solemn voice. 4. A solemn crowd gathered around the grave. 5. We made a solemn promise to love each other forever. Origin of SOLEMN Middle English solempne, from Anglo-French, from Latin sollemnis regularly appointed, solemn First Known Use: 14th century"

Solemn - Merriam-Webster definition

“I do believe that there are special places on Earth that should have a zone of solemnity around them.”

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D) using that word to argue against placing a room of worship somewhat near where a World Trade Center used to stand (but further away than an extant mosque is in relation to the Center).

I wanted to say something for quite some time, but I couldn’t wrap my head around the absurdity. Everybody is giving credence to this parody of an argument that this ground is too sacred to place a house of worship on it. The truth—of course—is that this isn’t the real argument against the community center; it’s the argument that’s acceptable in polite company.

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