Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

To the pits of hell!

When I wrote this post last month, I really did not imagine that the path this story would take would lead to..... this! Newt Gingrich compares a proposed Muslim Center barely within sight distance of the former WTC complex to Nazis putting a sign by the Holocaust Museum. (How this man retains the honorific as a serious think remains a mystery to me.) People who have previously held the US Constitution as sacred, sacrosanct and divinely inspired as the Ten Commandments and the Holy Bible are now looking for loopholes and exceptions because... That Michael Steele would run to embrace the position of the NewsMax PAC that operate under the chameleon name of The Republican Trust PAC. To the man who has been bitterly cynical, that I have not been pessimistic enough in my expectation is sad. And that this is not the first time I find my pessimism turn out to be too optimistic a prediction is horrifying.

Tags: politics
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