Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Irony Day

Today is an interesting day. There is a little known holiday in America today known as Loyalty Day. Think about that. In a country whose founding tale involve that of a band of noble men launching open rebellion against their far-away ruler, and whom a large segment of its population romanticize a less noble rebellion against this very nation roughly four-score after its founding, and that politicians to this day invoke open rebellion to gain political support, that there exist on the books a holiday called Loyalty Day is pretty ironic. Perhaps it's no coincidence that also on this date, another event would take place that would teach us all about dramatic irony. Yes, today was the day, six years ago, Bush would produce the piece of stagecraft that would define his presidency: "Mission Accomplished". Unfortunately, it would define his presidency in the exact opposite way than he intended. Now, even the phrase itself can only be used in ironic fashion.

For those two reasons, I wish to declare a new holiday for today. Irony Day.

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