Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Try Again, York. . .

No, you weren't pointing out differences in support by subgroup. You were implying something was wrong with black people, by which they supported a black president at a higher level than white people. You never even tried to understand why, nor did you care to notice that he has a higher level of support from white people today in polls than he got at the ballot box on November. But what you said was that Barack Obama is not as popular as the polls say because there are numerous black thumbs on the scales. "His sky-high ratings among African-Americans make some of his positions appear a bit more popular overall than they actually are." There is not. A Black person counts today as 5/5th of a citizen. I can just as easily say that Obama's approval ratings and ratings for his policy positions are still artificially low because of his (not) shockingly low support from Republicans. It would be an equally as erroneous look at statistics. I don't see you writing that Bush popularity was overstated because of high approval numbers from evangelicals. But yeah, black support for anything must be questioned, prima-facie.

Try again, York.
Tags: politics, polls, race
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