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Nov. 28th, 2008 06:32 am (UTC)
Be objective.
That's the great thing about laying out a philosophy through a fictional narrative. A crafty author can get a reader to suspend disbelief through various philosophical plotholes in the work, (Here I show I'm a math nerd.) It's like those exercises students are given during early classes in algebra or calculus, where the students are given a proof that 1=0. It looks completely plausible, and it usually flummoxes the class for a while. After a while the teacher (or maybe a bright student) will reveal the deeply hidden flaw. (Usually a division operation with a variable -- one side of the equation assumes a division by zero.)

That is very much how Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead works. She sucks you into her crafted world and you let down your critical thinking skills while she presents you with this blueprint of a utopia based on selfishness (via cartoonish centrally planned dystopia). Though Ayn Rand emigrated from 1920s Russia... enough said

That said, there are a frightening number of financial and political leaders (and their hangers on like Mrs. Instapundit) see nothing flawed in the philosophy. That could explain the zeal with which they tore down the various regulations that we're learning again stood between us and... well, the fun economic collapse we're witnessing from the catbird seat today. (You can see that ideology on display in this article, which quotes many from the now rapidly failing Citigroup, the group who did much to engineer the destruction. It's more explicitly mentioned in this article, but which focuses on much smaller titans of industry.)
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