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Kellner's Revenge

It's safe to assume Jamie Kellner, who leads all of the AOL-TW television and cable broadcast properties, doesn't like TiVo. Hell, we all got a bit of a laugh at his expense. ("A contract to watch the commercials! What the hell has he been smoking?") Well, he may get his revenge.

In tea and crumpet land, TiVo owners were shocked to find a program they never heard of on their system. The BBC convined TiVo Europe to take control of the system to record a program called "Dossa and Joe." Tivo users were blocked from deleting the program from the system for a week. You can imagine Kellner dancing with glee over this experiment. "I shall have my revenge! Especially against that Lisa Schmeiser. How dare she compare my networks to UPN! I'll make sure she gets nothing but old Shasta McNasty episodes.

But he'd better laugh now, because researchers now know the answer to the old Suck query, "What is the clickthrough rate for a TV commercial?".
Answer: About the same as a banner advertisement.

I wonder if the television industry will dive-bomb like the dot-coms did when they discovered that there was a stonger chance of Stevie Wonder regaining his eyesight than anyone clicking on an advertisement.