Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Prosecuting the "War on Terror" ™ on the Cheap

FBI Wiretaps Dropped Because of Unpaid Phone Bills

The thing that will go down in history about the Bush Administration is that the only thing matching its sheer contempt of the law and anything that serves as a check of unfettered executive power, ostensibly in the name of protecting our freedoms and prosecuting the "War on Terror"™, is the incredible incompetence exhibited by this Administration, frequently in the cause of fighting the "War on Terror"™.

So it seems, the biggest hurdle in spying on people isn't the Constitution, FISA, The Democratic Party, the ACLU, Liberals, Hippies, Libertarians, Michael Moore, or Hollywood. It's the guy who is supposed to pay the monthly phone bill in the FBI!

Just when I think I lowered my expectations of them far enough that they can't limbo under, they figure out a way to fall under. I'm in awe.
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