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Another Questionable Test. . .

The Sci Fi Quiz Test

This particular quiz (You have to go use the link to Vox below to see the test itself.) has a hidden link to this web address -- http://usingthecanons5is.blogspot.com. The weblog is 5 posts on using a particular brand of camera. There is no word as to why that particular link exists in a quiz testing your knowledge of audio clips from Science Fiction Movies, or why that test is hosted on a site called SheGoddess. You get the suspicion that the internet is an elaborate graft machine.

Anyway, the only reason I'm posting this is because improbably, I managed to score a 56 on the test which classifies me as a "Major Sci-Fi Geek." In all honestly, I only knew the answers to the first two questions presented to me and guessed all of the rest.

Originally posted on sterlingnorth.vox.com