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Dirty Pool

Dirty Pool shaping up in CA

(Yes, I read about it a month back, but this journal hasn't been a high priority in quite a while.)



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Nov. 3rd, 2007 05:00 pm (UTC)
It's back. . .
As I am a lazy blogger, I haven't been posting updates to this scheme as I learned them. For a while, this scheme appeared dead, because they couldn't come up with enough funding to carry through the process. (They were too depressed to cheat, believe it or not.) Unfortunately, the game-rigging scheme is showing signs of life. The level of power-hungry greed and corruptness is at heights that presage falls of organizations or empires.

Who controls the masters? That's a tougher question as there are so many people who think they have the handle on the levers. The one group I think that is has the most corrosive control are those from the Federalist Society. From them, we get the philosophy of the Unitary Executive, and their leading minds have been instrumental in making acceptable that the president is not bound by laws, checks or balances. Bush's two recent appointments to the Supreme Court hail from this group, and most disturbingly, they have leaned on the new Attorney General-nominee to not rock the boat on torture.
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