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They may already have. . .

I asked in my previous post, after reading this article:
I honestly wonder if future civilizations will ever fully comprehend the stupidity that led grown men and women to rename snacks.

Apparently they already can. Reminding people that they will die will lead them to wall themselves into tribalistic defenses.

Mortality reminders not only enhanced the appeal of Bush's political style but also deepened and broadened the appeal of the conservative social positions that Republicans had been running on.

For instance, because worldview defense increases hostility toward other races, religions, nations, and political systems, it helps explain the rage toward France and Germany that erupted prior to the Iraq war, as well as the recent spike in hostility toward illegal immigrants. Also central to worldview defense is the protection of tradition against social experimentation, of community values against individual prerogatives--as was evident in the Tucson experiment with the judges [where a group of judges who were reminded of man's mortality set fines against a hypothetical prostitute at over $450, while the group given no such reminder set the fine at just $90]--and of religious dictates against secular norms. For many conservatives, this means opposition to abortion and gay marriage.