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I'm impressed...

The last I updated this page was over a week ago. And this coming off a span of months where the frequency of new posts rivals that of Suck or the Windows Vista Security Weblog. But still, when I made a throwaway comment about the potentially misplaced sunny optimism inherent in designing a computer whose only network connectivity comes through an Ethernet port or through a radio antenna, in a post complaining about the dark reality of my off-again off-again broadband connection, I still manage to snare a comment two hours later from someone providing me a link to buy a $50 USB modem from Apple. Wow, I'm impressed. Nothing can be said about Apple that someone won't immediately challenge. Of course, as I mentioned that I did not purchase the Mac, presumably the relevance of such information to me is negligible. Plus, relevance to the thrust of the post (Cox sux) is nonexistent. But I'm impressed. I wish Cox service was as swift. (Of course, what I never mentioned before here is that I am the owner of a small Mac Mini, also without a modem port. I had thought of buying the iDongle for that machine, but as I had three PCs and a G3 iBook with a modem port, I didn't see that it was worth half a C note for it.)