Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Things I Hate — Cox High Speed Internet Edition

  • The voice activated prompt system requiring almost inhumanly perfect enunciation from the speaker. I don't like repeating "Can. Not. Connect. To. Internet." half a dozen times.
  • The voice activated troubleshooter. Of course it assures me that there is no outage before taking me through twenty minutes of spare time I apparently had instructing me to disconnect the power cord from the modem, disconnect the coaxial cable from the modem, and turn off the computer (thankfully not asking to disconnect the power cord from that as well).  Of course, when it finally surrendered and sent me to a human technician, the very first words out of his mouth are "There's an outage in your area"!
  • The Cox real-time status website . There's no outage according to that page, either.
  • All the while that I was on hold waiting, Cox reminding me every so often that there is a wealth of self help at their website. Notwithstanding the accuracy of the site (see previous bullet), a shovel is useless if it is buried. Online self-help is of no help if I can't get online to access it.
  • That I was this close to buying a Macintosh notebook and that it has no phone modem port. Apple has too optimistic an opinion of the quality of my high-speed internet service. This is not the first time this month I had to acquaint myself with the Cox Communications voice-activated placebo troubleshooter.
  • That Verizon FIOS still is not available in my neighborhood.

Originally posted on but I love you all here on LJ more.

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