Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

Disney, Don't Screw This Up.

Disney, you've taken it upon yourselves to perform two important and noble things: place a black character as lead in an animated film and to set the story in New Orleans. So, I must beg of you, don't screw this up. Frankly, for the past decade or so, you've been lost. You've made hasty decisions, like placing all bets on computer animation, and lost your shirts when those bets didn't pan. You've forgot to to either tell compelling stories, or how to sell them to your audience. (How you managed to make the future look boring and staid instead of wondrous and inspiring in your Meet the Robinsons ad campaign, I will never figure out.) You've retreated into easy money by sequel-izing almost all of your old properties and releasing them straight to video. You've surrendered to Pixar, and allowed even the pretenders to Pixar to pass you up.

I'm glad you're trying again, and with hand-drawn animation. Ironically, the paucity of such releases will help you look fresh again. But you need to get this project right. Placing one of us, and New Orleans into such important leading roles has made it all the more imperative that you don't fail us here. And marking this as your return to classical animation means your reputation is on the line. Disney, unfortunately, I feel you lost your magic. Please prove me wrong.
Tags: animation, disney
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