Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

On Vox: Invasion of the Lite-Brite Moonites...

It's been hours since we've learned that those suspicious objects were flatboards with light-emitting diodes laid out in the shapes of animated antagonists for a viral marketing campaign on behalf of Cartoon Network, but still headlines it in the most dire of terms "Terror Suspects" with a description of a "Shocking video" of them plotting their attack. Every other news site I've checked has since dialed down the fright to "publicity stunt" or the Boston law-enforcement and Boston politician approved terminology of "bomb hoax" -- the latter not quite accurate, but less inflammatory (and it's obvious why they would rather people consider it a bomb hoax. It's much less fun prosecuting 'civil disturbance' as opposed to a 'bomb threat'.)

It's nice to know that we are now so tightly wound that we're afraid of Lite-Brites.

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