Sterling Ambivalence (sterlingnorth) wrote,
Sterling Ambivalence

FedEx, what the hell?

So, if somebody can sign for a package addressed to someone with a Scots-Irish surname with a Iberian-Romance surname, then exactly what is the point of even asking for signatures for packages? For that matter, I've been sitting within the address to which the package in question was addressed to, and yet I recall no delivery personnel of FedEx arriving here to deliver aforementioned package, not even at 8:09pm, which is the time FedEx claims that the package was delivered. Of course, had it been delivered to my address, the signers surname would have properly matched the surname to which the package was address to.

One consolation is that this was a trial-run. Federal Express was only delivering a $100 warranty. The $1200 computer to which the warranty was for doesn't ship until next week. Please get this right next time!

Now I need to track down who has what is essentially a worthless (to them) stack of papers. And figure out how in fact FedEx misdelivered my package, and allowed it to be signed for by someone with a completely dissimilar last name!
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