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A good time to buy DVDs... is in the midsts of one of their holiday sales; they are selling many of their DVDs at half-off.

While that is going on, I availed myself to their television section to pick up as a gift for a friend that old Wonder Woman series from the 70s, which for some odd reason is cheaper to buy individually by season than it is to buy as the complete set. Actually, that seems to occur frequently at

That means unless you know there are additional extras in the omnibus packages, shop around Amazon, you might actually find a better deal there.

Just so that this post isn't a complete advertorial, that last link is a postscript by writer Mark Evanier brought upon because of the annoying practice by folks releasing DVDs where to get you to buy the same thing multiple times. For TV, they'll release a show, by season. Then they will collect all the seasons together, but instead of just releasing that, they'll add some treats and extras to try to get you to buy again.

So you think, don't buy right away. Wait for the inevitable full release. Unfortunately, nothing is inevitable. If not enough people buy the first seasons on DVD, they won't release the remaining seasons. It flopped in the marketplace. No point throwing more money down the well. Writer Earl Kress mentions Murphy Brown, and F Troop as such victims. I can give you one more. Right now, I'm looking at Gargoyles: Season 2, Volume 1. with the tag-line "We Live Again" at the bottom. No they won't. Earlier this year, Disney announced they weren't going to release any more. This DVD set concludes cliffhanger-like shortly after the start of a lengthy story arc where our key characters stuck on a magic boat unable to return home. And there's no resolution in sight. This is actually worse than the case of Murphy Brown, as they gave up on the show in the middle of a season! (Though it could be worse... the show could have been cancelled in the middle of the season while on broadcast TV, like a number of continuous dramas this season.)

So, I guess if there is any television series you want to see continued to be released on DVD, now is a good opportunity to buy. If there isn't, just buy Gargoyles. I really really want the rest of season two to be released.
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